Our holistic approach is unique in securing the well-being of children at every step of the way.

This includes

• Forward planning to build resilience in communities which are exceptionally disaster-prone

• Responding whenever a disaster does strike

• Journeying with families to full recovery

Our efforts are both pre-emptive and remedial– after all, acting only when a catastrophe strikes would be far too late.


As a Survival Fund Sponsor, you are among the
First to Know, First to Help.

Children are often the most vulnerable in disaster situations. Yet they are at heightened risk of the worst effects of catastrophes.

Pledge to focus your impact especially on the well-being and protection of child victims of disasters.


children lost their lives to the effects of natural disasters

children living in conflict areas today are under the age of 5



Why is it worth giving to pre-emptive resilience building before the onset of disasters?

Because more lives are saved and child well-being is better safeguarded when communities are equipped to protect themselves before disasters strike.

After their communities were trained in psychological first aid,


With a new evacuation shelter built before the typhoon season,


lives are safe every time

a typhoon strikes the coast

of Vietnam

more quickly from trauma

Children in conflict recovered

is saved in avoided or reduced disaster response and recovery costs

As much as

For every dollar invested in disaster risk reduction,



children living in conflict areas today are under age of 5

Why wait for disasters to strike?

For S$50 a month, you will allow World Vision to strengthen the resilience of communities to brace themselves against

the worst effects of calamities.

These are ongoing initiatives in as many at-risk communities even before disasters strike.