When catastrophes strike, whole communities often lose everything in a moment.

Farming families lose their entire year’s food supply to a drastic drop in rainfall or walk days for a cup of water – clean or dirty, to simply stay alive.

People watch in panic as their homes crumble to dust in earthquakes and are left homeless.

Children become unaccompanied refugees as they escape from gunfire, forced to leave their families behind and cross borders into strange lands seeking protection.

The stories do not end here. We can help them survive.

In the destruction and aftermath of disasters, humanitarian aid and emergency help must be rushed to victims and survivors. Your donation will help to provide disaster relief quickly and effectively to make impact.

In 2019, World Vision Singapore is supporting disasters like the Syria Crisis, the Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis, flood and drought survivors in Kenya, typhoon and flood-prone farmers in the Philippines and the victims of tomorrow's sudden disaster*.

With World Vision, your donation will provide humanitarian relief to children especially hurt by disasters, such as refugee children and child survivors. Help them now. Donate to save lives.

*World Vision may help survivors of spontaneous disasters where funds can be channelled to be most effective.

Registered in Singapore as a charity, World Vision is dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice.

In times of emergencies, World Vision is a key charity in Singapore which helps victims hurt by disasters. World Vision is differentiated from charities in Singapore as we focus and prioritise the needs of child survivors, even as we work with all survivors, through interventions such as food distribution, emergency kits and child protection spaces. In addition, we also support communities exceptionally prone to disasters before they strike.

The Survival Fund with World Vision supports children and families affected by disasters all over the world. When you donate to disaster response through The Survival Fund, you help us to help each child survivor better and in the most sustainable way possible.

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For S$50 a month, you will allow World Vision to strengthen the resilience of communities to brace themselves against

the worst effects of calamities.

These are ongoing initiatives in as many at-risk communities even before disasters strike.

With World Vision, your donation will provide faster humanitarian relief to children especially hurt by disasters, such as refugee children and child survivors, as well help to prepare those vulnerable to slow on-set or increasingly predictable disasters

(e.g. monsoons, floods, climate change).

Donate to disaster response. Save lives now.